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Teeth Whitening / Bleaching

At our office, we use a very safe and reliable way to whiten teeth.  We take molds of your mouth, and fabricate custom trays that enable at home bleaching.  These trays are comfortable,  (similar in size and feel of orthodontic retainers, but actually even thinner and softer)  and form fitting to your teeth only and ending at the gum line.  Then we order you a prescription strength bleaching kit and after some very simple instructions, you are on your way to safely and effectively whitening your teeth!

 It takes only 30-45 minutes per day, and the typical bleaching process takes 2 weeks or less.

This is a much more safe method of whitening teeth than you see advertised at other in office whitening methods, as that procedure can cause excessive sensitivity which may linger on. The at home method we do virtually eliminates tooth sensitivity, as at any time the teeth are feeling sensitive, you can skip a day or two with no adverse effects on the overall whitening. You have complete control over the rate at which you whiten! The best part is, once you are finished with your whitening, you keep your trays and you can “touch up” your whitening at any time in the future if you feel the need. All you need at that point is a new bleaching kit, which we can order for you at a fraction of the cost of the original bleaching procedure. So you can still enjoy your coffee and wine!

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