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TMD/TMJ Treatment

Most TMD (Temporomandibular Disorder, formerly known as TMJ) can be treated fairly simply.  This disorder is most commonly brought on by stress, and affects a significant portion of the population.  Typical signs and symptoms can include frequent headaches, soreness in the muscles by the temples, especially in the morning; general jaw pain or ache; unusually sensitive teeth or chipped and worn down teeth.  The grinding (bruxism) and clenching of the teeth associated with TMD typically occurs at night, but can happen at any time during the day as well.  A simple device known as a “bruxism appliance” can help greatly reduce the discomfort and problems associated with TMD.  A bruxism appliance is made by taking impressions of the upper and lower jaw, and a single appliance is them custom fabricated by a dental laboratory.  The bruxism appliance helps by protecting your teeth and dental restorations from excessive wear, and also helps protect your jaw joint and adjoining muscles.  We can help you get back to normal!

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