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Veneers are used primarily to enhance the esthetics of teeth by giving them a lighter shade, and can also strengthen fractured or previously restored teeth.  They give a natural, uniform appearance to teeth, masking previous restorations, stains and cracks.  They can also be used to give somewhat uneven or crooked teeth a more straight appearance.  Veneers can be done on as few as a single tooth, to multiple teeth, and are a more conservative alternative for teeth that do not require a full crown.

There are basically two types of veneers; porcelain (fabricated in a lab), and composite resin (fabricated by the dentist chairside).  Both are excellent restorations that can completely change a person’s smile, but each has their pros and cons.

At Hamburg Family Dentistry, both types of veneers are offered.

The advantages of composite resin veneers are many.  First, they are fabricated by the dentist in office, in one visit.  There are no impressions necessary, no lab necessary, no waiting time wearing temporary veneers that can dislodge while waiting the approximate two weeks for the lab to fabricate them.  Hence they are also a bit less costly than porcelain (lab fabricated) veneers.  The patient also has immediate satisfaction with a brand new smile.  One big drawback to chairside composite veneers for some is that they take a lot more artistic ability and skill of the dentist to fabricate, and this depends solely upon the dentist doing the treatment.

Dr. Forte has been creating beautiful chairside composite resin veneers for his entire 28 year career.   The artistic component of creating and sculpting these veneers is one of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry for him. There is nothing like that moment of handing a mirror to a patient who has had a smile that they used to try to hide, to a smile that is absolutely gorgeous!  There have been more than a few people that have shed a few tears at the one visit transformation, and it never gets old!  Dr. Forte has done hundreds of such transformations, and just a few of those are visible in “Cosmetic Corner” section, with before and after pictures for you to view.  Maybe you will be the next “before and after”!

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